Have A Look At The 5 Best Hotel Management Colleges In Kolkata

Undergoing a course in Hotel Management is definitely a wise decision as it offers wider employment opportunity than you suppose. With more and more countries accepting globalisation, the sector is booming globally and so is the requirement of trained professionals having adequate knowledge about the industry.

It is one of the sectors where you don’t have to leave your country for better job prospects as the number of tourists visiting India is enhancing with each passing day. If you are willing to make the most of the scopes offered by the industry, make sure to get yourself enrolled in some reliable and renowned college or institution offering the course. It is almost like the first step you have to undertake to achieve a successful career in the hotel industry.

Hotel Management Colleges In Kolkata

Looking For The Best Hotel Management College? Listed Below Are The Top 5

International Institute of Hotel Management is treated to be the largest chain of hotel schools in India. IIHM is globally connected with 24 other top institutions all over the world. Here students can avail the opportunity of getting trained in skills which are globally recognised. All the mentors and professors are experts in their specific field.

Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management under the JIS Group Educational initiatives boasts of having the best infrastructure. They have successfully tied up with more than 50 countries and 20,000 hotels with the prime motive of delivering first class placement to their students. The sole objective of their faculty members is on creating future leaders for the industry.

NIPS School of Hotel management is one of those educational institutions affiliated to MAKAUT, Government of West Bengal, formerly known at WBUT. Having more than 2 decades of industry presence, it offers a globally acclaimed set of courses for its students to choose from. They put the latest trends and techniques into practices to enhance their overall competence.

If you are looking for the best Hotel Management College in Kolkata, HOTS Institute of Hotel Management is the name to trust. Not only do they offer world-class courses or experienced faculty members but also assures 100% job guarantee. The courses fees are affordable and you can even opt for easy installments. Students of the food production department undergo 6 months industrial training in the kitchen department.

Hotel Management College

The courses offered by this institution have been specifically designed to teach talented and promising students willing to pursue a career in the industry. Students can avail the guidance of experienced faculty members having years of industry presence. You will be undergoing numerous practical, theoretical, and industrial training sessions which will enhance your knowledge about the industry.

Ready To Enrol?
With so many institutions and colleges offering hotel management courses all over Kolkata, students often get confused. The best is to look for a college offering courses in tourism and hotel management, catering science, bar tending and mixology, food production programme, basic stewardship, and housekeeping, among others.


Join A Hotel Management Institute In Kolkata For A Prosperous Career!

Did you just appear for your 12th level of examination? Looking for career paths which have numerous options for professionals? Opting for the affluent hospitality industry can be your best decision then. Simply join a reputed hotel management college and kick-start your preparations for a bright career ahead!

The travel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries at present. This has led to an increasing number of job opportunities for hotel management graduates. With this boom, aspirants are assured to have ample employment opportunities in various sectors. Further, what makes this profession your ideal choice is that it allows you to grow yourself- both professionally and personally while working in a multi-cultural environment!

Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata

Still wondering why you should opt for this career? Then take a look below to get your answers!

5 Reasons To Choose A Hotel Management Institute In Kolkata

1.Varied Industry
The hospitality industry is known for its diversity among aspirants. Such is its wide range of career opportunities that you can choose a field as per your interest. The industry includes sectors like- hotels, resorts, tourism, restaurants, airlines and much more. With such numerous options, you can be assured of not waiting for too long to find a job after your graduation.

2.Booming Sector
Being one of the most varied industries, the hospitality industry is considered to be a booming sector. Even when recession had hit the world economy, this industry kept on witnessing growth. From business trips to leisure tours, guests are always in need of good food, drinks and accommodation and it is the hospitality industry which caters to its needs.

3.Great Entry Level Openings
Once you complete your education from a reputed hotel management institute in Kolkata, be assured of good entry level openings. No matter whichever field they choose, freshers can expect a good pay in this industry. Candidates looking for a prosperous future find this sector the perfect industry. Fresh graduates can get opportunities in house-keeping, front desk, reservation management, guest services, etc.

Hotel Management College

4.High-paying Job
What makes opting for a good hotel management academy your most informed choice is that it assures you of high-paying jobs. With plenty of employment opportunities available at restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, etc, employers value their staff and give them good salary. By joining the hotel industry, you can enjoy competitive salaries, recognition, regular incentives, bonuses, surprise gifts and various other attractive benefits.

5.Great career advancement
The hotel industry comprises of various branches and sub-branches. Thus, students aspiring for a career in this industry have several options to select from. Due to such numerous options, professionals can have great career advancement. If a candidate has the right experience along with the appropriate skills, he/she can easily get promoted to executive level positions.

Now that you know the reasons which make the hospitality industry your ideal choice, what are you still waiting for? Join a good hotel management college and start aspiring for a promising career!

Joining A Hotel Management Academy? Ask Yourself Few Questions First!

Are you tempted with the glamorous prospects of the hotel industry? Do you think a career in hotel management is all about fun, attractive perks and smiling friendly staffs? Well, if these are the only reasons for which you have decided to join a reputed institution, its time you go deep inside!

By asking yourself few vital questions, you can check if you have what the profession demands. It will help you to determine if you are well-prepared to pursue a course which assures a promising future ahead. Assessing what a course in hotel management is all about and what are the options available to you, is a must before choosing a good hotel management academy.

Hotel Management Academy

Keep reading to know the questions you have to ask yourself before opting for a course in hotel management!

6 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Joining A Hotel Management Academy

  • 1.Am I a friendly person who is always pleased to help people by maintaining a positive outlook?
    Few of the most important skills that every hotelier should posses are being happy, caring and friendly. No matter what your work pressure is or how stressful your day is, maintaining a positive outlook is a must. You should always be ready to assist your guests and solve their problems.
  • 2.Do I have excellent communication skills?
    Ensure that you possess good communication skills with fluency in English and your local language. For people willing to work on the front, being a good communicator is a must since you have to interact with guests constantly.
  • 3.Can I begin from the bottom and then grow slowly?
    Once you finish your education from a reputed hotel management college, you have to start from entry level jobs at first. This is the period when you have to learn, train yourself and gain work experience. Since growth is not fast, ask yourself if you are okay with slow career growth. 
  • 4.Am I flexible to work during holidays, weekends and for long shifts?
    While opting for a career in hotel management, be ready to bid adieu to your well active social life. You have to accept working for more than 10 hours at times. Further, unlike those ‘Monday to Friday jobs’, you have to be flexible in working during weekends with months without a single off.
  • 5.Am I ready to move to various places for my work?
    The field demands you to move to various places for your work. With the industry growing at a rapid pace, new hotels are coming up everywhere and this demands employees to move to various new locations. Check if you are ready to accept this.
  • 6.Do I possess a superiority complex?
    If you just answered a ‘yes’, hotel management is not a career for you since hoteliers need to be humble at all times. You cannot make your guests feel inferior to you by your actions or words.

Now, do you think you can work in the hotel industry? Quickly join a well-known institution and start aspiring for a bright career ahead!

Looking For A Hotel Management Institute In Kolkata? 6 Points To Set The Parameter

Undoubtedly, today’s Kolkata is the city of sky scrapers indeed. And most of the tall buildings are the field of top notch offices and business firms.

hotel management institute

Studies say- most of the business is related with warmth and hospitality. A crowd of people joined happily in those corporate sectors after passing out from the management colleges, especially Hotel management colleges.

Have you already set your goal toward success in near future? Why don’t you try to go to a hotel, management course that provides you with better placement and job satisfaction within a year of passing?

But, which institute should you choose to get the best education? Here is the parameter of being a right Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata.

Judge Your Chosen Institute Comparing With The Parameter.

  1. Academically Of Course Content:

    course content

When choosing a college check for the academic reputation. Run through the course content and make sure that it is industry-friendly. Given the hands-on nature of the hospitality business the practical time in a hotel management program is essential. Find out if the program offers practical experience and internship opportunities.

  1. Affiliations & Accreditations

    hotel management affiliation & accrediation

You have to choose a college for an academic aptitude that is credited nationally or internationally. The authorization process ensures that the prospectus is on par with national values. Global partnerships and affiliations add further value to the degree.

  1. Faculty:


In a good institution, the faculty is close to a teacher. Faculty members are the chief factor who has the 50% ability of making a student’s career. The faculty must have been a very strong educational background along with applicable industry experience. This will help a student to learn both technological skills and individual skills needed to succeed in their career.

  1. Student-Teacher Relation:

    teacher student relation

This is one feature which is really critical in colleges, as you expect to be a faculty than a teacher. But in smaller class groups it is possible for a faculty becomes a teacher to promote and cheer individuals.

  1. Classrooms And Practical Labs:

    hotel managementclassrooms

Well-furnished classrooms and facilitate practical labs improve the learning quality and ensure that a student learns to apply academic knowledge in a safe and hygienic environment.

  1. Placement:

    hotel management placements

Official placement data are not always dependable. The easiest way of checking out the placement status of a college is getting in touch with its alumni through social networking sites. It is also good to chat with the current students on campus and listen to their feedback.

These are the 6 vital points that ensure the parameter of a hotel management institute in this city. Students, make a wise step in choosing the best opportunity for you.

Good luck!!!

5 Handy Tips To Find The Best Hotel Management College in Kolkata

With many courses being available for graduate and undergraduate students, it is often a tough job for you to choose the ideal one. It’s quite confusing to understand which one can exactly enhance and secure your future. According to a recent study, the demand for professional courses has shown drastic improvement in the last few years, Hotel Management being one of them.

Hotel Management College

With an increase in the number of students interested in undergoing this course, various colleges and institutes offering training for the same have emerged.

If You Are One Of Those Students, Make Sure The Institute You Approach Possesses The Following Qualities,

  • Experience And Certification

Only an experienced institute understands the various needs of its students and accordingly provides effective solutions. One having decades of experience can build for themselves the reputation and respect expected from any learning institute. Look for an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Hotel Management Institute to get the best training.

experience & certification

  • A Wide Range Of Courses

Few courses you can expect from a good and old institute are MBA in Tourism and H.M., Bar Tending and Mixology, B.Sc in Catering Science and H.M., Diploma in H.M., Food Production Programme, Basic Stewardship, as well as, Training on F&B Services, Front Office, and Housekeeping.

hotel management courses

  • Industrial Training

Every student undergoing the course should understand the importance of effective industrial training for their future. Only an experienced institute can commit on providing practical training for at least 6 months for Food Production students in the kitchen. Students should also be given the option to choose the place for undergoing their industrial training.

Hotel management

  • Job Guarantee

The majority of Hotel Management Colleges in Kolkata claim to provide 100% Placement Assistance for their students. So, it’s high time for students to understand the difference between Placement Assistance and Guaranteed Placement. Go for the one which guarantees 100% placement after completion of the course, and not one which guarantees only opportunities of campus interview.

100% job guarantee

  • Proven Track Records

Every renowned institute offering the course should have proven track record of successfully placing their students not only in the hotel industry but also in Rail and Air catering, Cruise Lines, Hospitals, Business Clubs and even abroad. Look for the one which aims at providing best placement to each and every student.

Other Features To Look For

  1. The course fee charged should be affordable and installment facility should be available.
  2. All faculties, as well as teachers, should be experienced, qualified and professional.
  3. Students should have the facility to apply for admission through the Internet.
  4. Offers free consultations, inquiries, and feedback for students.
  5. Regular classes with training on communication and soft skills.
  6. Have a trusted list of industrial partners.

That being said, it’s high time you start looking for the ideal Hotel Management College and enhance your future.