Why enrolling in a Hotel Management Institute is a wise decision?

The hotel industry is known for promising a bright career to anyone who takes the profession seriously. Joining a good Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata, W.B sounds good, isn’t it? Read on then to know more about a career in hotel management


experience & certificationDo you think that professions like chartered accountancy, engineering, medicine are not your cup of tea? But are you enthusiastic of working hard? Are you a person with good manners and skills? Relax. Hotel Management is the career for you then. Now before you wonder about a career in this industry, here comes a piece of good news- The hotel industry is known for promising a bright career to anyone who takes the profession seriously!

With a boom in the tourism industry, there has been an increase in the demand of qualified hotel management graduates all over the world. This has led to an immense growth in the hotel industry and experts believe that the industry will have continuous expansion over the years. Joining a good Hotel Management Institute in W.B sounds promising, isn’t it? Read on then to know more about a career in hotel management.

Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata: Eligibility Criteria for applying and process of Admission

  • Appeared or passed 10+2 level of examination. However, this varies according to the nature of the course- degree, diploma or certificate.
  • If passed Class XII, a minimum 45% marks.
  • Cleared the entrance exam, personal interview and group discussion conducted by the college.

It is only when you have successfully fulfilled each of the above criterions, can you seek admission in the institute.

Courses offered at Hotel Management Institutes

Some of the most popular courses offered by any leading Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata are-

    • B.Sc in Catering Science and Hotel Management
    • Bachelor of Hotel Management
    • MBA in Tourism and Hotel Management
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Hotel Management

The Best Hotel Management Institutes in India

      1. Institute of Hotel Management- Mumbai
      2. Institute of Hotel Management- Bangalore
      3. Institute of Hotel Management- New Delhi
      4. Institute of Hotel Management-Kolkata
      5. HOTS Institute of Hotel Management in Kolkata

Job Opportunities

Unlike some of the other courses, by pursuing a career in Hotel Management you can look for job opportunities both in public and private sectors. With increase in competition, you can enjoy various exciting job opportunities in the industry. Further, with various departments in a hotel you are all set to opt for a career of your choice. As a hotel management graduate, you can even look for opportunities in tourism, airlines, hospitality services, etc.

Popular Jobs in Hotel Industry

Once you have successfully completed a course from the Best Hotel Management Institute in Kolkata, you can look for various popular jobs like-

      • Hotel Managers

Managers are liable for the successful operation of the establishment.

      • Front Office Manager

Front Office Managers supervise the work of the front office personnel in the hotel.

      • Restaurant and Food Service Managers

They are accountable for the tableware, furniture, linens, fixture cleaning, etc.

      • Food and Beverage

This department comprises of- culinary unit, food service department and steward department.

      • Marketing Division

Develop stay packages which suit the needs of customers and sell the services of the hotel.

Now, can you imagine a life which resembles “The Suite life of Zack and Cody?” So what are you still thing of? Time to turn your imagination into a career!

Author: HOTS Hotel Management Institute

HOTS one of the reputed hotel management school offers best courses and desired placement opportunities,UGC Approved, NAAC “A” graded, Bharathiar University.

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